Welcome to the writing world of Joe R. Frinzi


Hello to everyone in the blogging world. I began my own literary career in 1980 with an article on creating a spacesuit costume, which I wrote for a small, national special effects magazine called Illusions. I found I had a real knack for writing, especially about film (which was a major passion of mine, having made some artsy Super 8 shorts after I’d graduated from high school in 1973). Throughout the eighties and nineties I continued to churn out articles—film related and otherwise—for various publications, and even did some scriptwriting, but nothing of a steady nature until the offer came along from Carole Heffley at The Easton Irregular. It turned out to be a fortuitous encounter for both of us.

Since I was new to writing an ongoing column, I was basically feeling my way through the process. For those first two years I did all my research from books and magazines, writing my pieces first in longhand and then typing up the results on an electric typewriter. I didn’t get a computer until 2000 and only became familiar with the Internet many years later. But somehow I managed to meet my deadlines and satisfy Carole and her partner-in-crime, Jim Hicks, both of whom became my good friends. A dozen-plus years later, the paper is being shepherded by others, but I’m still writing my column and I still count Jim and Carole as friends.

As of this writing, I have written several hundred articles and five books, with several more on the way. Stay with me for more updates.

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